full name jane elizabeth forrester comicverse jane foster / the mighty thor birthdate ◦ age 9/1/1986 ◦ 29 hometown boston, ma current residence new york city, new york occupation aid worker, doctors without borders education yale university relationship status flirting with disaster
Born on September 1st, 1986 to Stanley and Jane Forrester, little "Janey" knew a charmed if only slightly lonely childhood. The only daughter of an admired politican and a local real estate guru, she was granted all of the luxuries afforded to the daughter of an affluent and respected couple. She was enrolled in the best private preperatory academy and involved herself in a number of extracurricular activies including student government, forensics teams and 4H clubs. A curious and quirky child, she was more content with the study of how things worked rather than boys and fashion. It was far more likely that she could be found dissembling clocks and computers than practicing the proper application of mascara. And although her parents were overjoyed by the good fortune of having a child so well rounded and mature, Jane felt the disconnect between herself and children her own age early on. She was an "old soul", identifying more with her teachers than her classmates. From an early age, she expressed a desire to help others, an unusual trait in someone so young but little surprise considering the charitable ventures of her parents. Her father was a firm believer in helping those less fortunate than they and he instilled in Jane that same sense of generosity. With her inclination towards science and medicine, it came as no surprise to her parents when she expressed her desire to be a doctor.

Jane was a model student. Upon graduating high school and continuing on to complete four years at Riverville University, she enrolled and was accepted into a graduate program at Yale University. Her parents were more than agreeable with her decision to study pre-med and with their full support she settled into New Haven for the following four years. She was admired by her professors and peers for her work ethic, genuine interest in her studies and her unique, often self-depricating sense of humor. She discovered a great deal about herself in those years away from home. What she lacked in social skills, she made up for in her intelligence and quick wit. She developed a biting, sarcastic sense of humor that was often described as oddly endearing. She also discovered that she was terrible with men. While she knew no shortage of eligible young suitors, she was unaware of her attractiveness and so often their advances were lost on her. It was not until her first summer home from school that she began dating, more at the insistence of her mother than anything else. The blind dates were insufferable but she humored her parents. While she was briefly attached to a few men throughout the course of her college career, none of them were too serious. At least not to Jane.

At last able to call herself a Yale graduate, Jane found herself faced with a serious decision. While she had the opportunity to move home and accept a position at Boston Medical, her thirst for adventure prevailed. She moved to New York City and began working for Doctors Without Borders. The next several years saw her traveling to all corners of the globe and from 2012 to early 2015, she lived and worked in over sixteen countries. Fueled by her desire to help others and her passion for knowledge and exploration, she made a name for herself within the organization as a hardworking, compassionate physician. She seemed poised for a promotion within the organization when tragedy struck. News from home came; her father had suffered s stroke. Faced with another tough choice, Jane decided to return to Boston to be with her family and to put down roots in her hometown.

Currently, Jane serves as an aid worker for Doctors Without Borders in the Boston area facilitating volunteer efforts. She teaches yoga classes on the weekends at a nearby studio and oversees her fathers rehabilitation in her free time.

comicverse biography
Jane Foster was a nurse hired by Dr. Donald Blake to assist him in his private medical practice. Unbeknownst to her, the crippled Dr. Donald Blake was the human identity used for many years by the Asgardian god Thor. Blake fell deeply in love with Jane, who was unaware of his dual-identity. Although she was strongly attracted to Dr. Blake, she left his medical practice and began working for a Doctor Bruce Andrews. Afterward, Blake decided to reveal his dual-identity to Jane but his father, Odin, King of Asgard, appeared to him and forbade him to reveal this secret to any mortal. Thor defied him. Again petitioning Odin to let him marry Jane, Thor brought her to Asgard itself, a place forbidden to mortals. Odin agreed to let them marry if Jane proved herself capable of functioning as an Asgardian goddess. Odin physically transformed Jane into an Asgardian, granting her superhuman powers. As he must have expected, she was confused and bewildered by her new abilities and by Asgard itself. Declaring that Jane had failed his test, Odin turned her back into a mortal woman, sent her back to Earth, and removed her memories of her experiences with Thor. Odin sent her to work for the physician Dr. Keith Kincaid and the two soon fell in love with each other.

As for Thor, Odin saw to it that he was reunited with the Asgardian goddess Sif, whom he had loved in the past, and their romance was quickly rekindled. Years later, Jane fell ill and lying close to death, called out to Thor in her delirium. Sif stole the enchanted Runestaff of Kamo Tharnn, the Elder of the Universe known as the Possessor, and used it to infuse her own life-force into Jane, thereby saving her life. Sif vanished and Jane recovered, also regaining full possession of her lost memories of Thor. The love between Thor and Jane was revived.

Jane eventually became a doctor herself and began working alongside Thor. She also became a consulting physician for Tony Stark. Later, Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer. She accepted Thor's invitation to represent Midgard in the Congress of the Worlds on Asgard while she underwent chemotherapy but refused magical treatments. During a battle against Nick Fury, Thor lost the ability to wield his hammer Mjolnir. The hammer remained on the Moon until Jane, compelled into action despite her ailments and recognizing that there must always be a Thor, came and lifted Mjolnir, thereby being deemed worthy.

facts Is a quiet, observant person with an awkward, sarcastic and often self-deprecating sense of humor. She will go out of her way to make herself the butt of a joke to break the tension in a conversation more often than not. Being an observant person, she is straight forward in her assesments and is often described as "no nonsense" and abrasive. Moreover, Jane is a deeply sensitive person although this trait only reveals itself in specific company.
Stands at 5'3" and weighs 115 lbs. Her fitness regimen consists of yoga, hiking and kayaking. She is often dwarfed by those around her. She has a rectangle body shape with slim shoulders and hips and small, natural breasts. She recently cropped her dark brown hair to her collar bone and rarely colors it. Her eyes are classified partial heterochromia (gold into blue/green).
Has a small 3 inch scar inside her left wrist as a result of airbag burn during a minor automobile accident her senior year of high school. She has one tattoo, a bumblebee on her left pinkie finger. Her ears are pierced.
Born on September 1st, making her a Virgo. The positive strengths of a Virgo include a tendency to be analytical, observant, helpful, reliable and precise. However, the negative tendencies are often skepticism, inflexibility and a coldness of character. Like a classic Virgo, Jane is a very independent person. She is fully able to put her intelligence to use and get things done for herself. However, her narrow mindedness sometimes causes her creativity to suffer and she often feels she leads a regular routine life. She tends to dwell too much on the past and over complicates things.